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Arts - Design / Animation

Get Gaining with Gaming!

The entertainment industry is booming, however, the growth isn’t coming from where you might expect.  With the movie and music industries hurting from piracy issues, the healthiest and fastest growing area over the last decade has been generated by the video game sector.Grand Theft Auto IV, released earlier this year, racked up more than $500 million in worldwide sales in its first week of release, with cash registers ringing up $310 million on the opening day alone. Compare those numbers to Batman: the Dark Knight’s $199.65 million record in worldwide box office sales for its first weekend and it’s clear to see that the video game industry is making some serious money.

Speaking of money, there are some great career opportunities in the video game industry including programmers, animators, artists, level designers, support technicians and more. While designing a game sounds cool, the reality is that the career opportunities for game developers and programmers outweigh game artists 10:1 and developers tend to make better salaries than designers.

Many colleges and universities across Canada now offer programs in Video Game Design & Development.  Before developing the curriculum, schools consulted industry experts from several video game companies and posed the question: What skills are you looking for when hiring people for your company? The results were clear.  The video game industry needs Developers with solid training in areas including 2D Game Programming, Video Game MODification, Video Game Data Structures, Mobile Game Programming, 3D Game Programming and XNA Game Development.

As a result, many schools have introduced a Video Game Design & Development Diploma, which may even include an Internship in an actual video game company.  In addition to the hands-on training and industry internship, students will graduate with a portfolio full of video game projects that can be used in application for exciting careers.

Playing games is fun, but getting paid to develop and play your own games is even better.

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