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Arts - Multimedia / Recording

Sounds like a Future!

Toronto’s Film Festival is quickly approaching!  As one of the most important cultural events in the world, the Toronto International Film Festival is an opportunity for audiences to experience films from both emerging talents and film veterans.  Toronto’s Film Festival ranks among the most prestigious film festivals worldwide.  Film buffs and couch surfers, alike, look forward to this exciting time of year as directors debut their newest movie offerings.  For most, Film Festivals are an opportunity to savor the cinematic talent from around the world.  For the extra passionate film-goer, however, Film Festivals can start imaginations running wild toward dreams of a new career.  Does the thought of working in cinema make you swoon?   If film is where you always pictured yourself, now is the time to cast yourself as a student in one of the most exciting film industries: Digital Sound Design.

Think back to your favorite movies and, undoubtedly, sound played a major role in setting the mood for anticipation, fear, suspense, happiness, nostalgia, etc.  Sound communicates what a visual image, alone cannot.    The voices, the sound effects, the music and, of course, the visual imagery, all conspire to create a vehicle which transports the viewer to the scene created.  Think you could create a soundscape that is memorable and provocative?  Turn those dreams into movie magic by studying Digital Sound Design or Audio Recording Technology.  

A sound engineer must be able to skillfully marry sound effects, dialogue and music in order to create a full experience for the viewer.  The resulting atmosphere can provoke an emotional response, intensify dramatic moments and symbolize events, characters or states of mind.  According to experts, “the soundscapes within modern video, film, television, videogame and multimedia productions can be strikingly sophisticated and often remarkably subtle.   Recording engineers, dialogue and sound effects editors, foley artists, music composers and editors, sound designers, and mixers combine their efforts to create and assemble effective aural environments that support the moment to moment details as well as the structural elements of a visual work.”

Whether collecting sound effects or editing music, a skilled instructor will show you the ins and outs of telling a story through sound.  In your journey through this fascinating field, courses may include “Music Theory”, “Soundtrack Analyses” and “Dialogue Editing” as well as the introduction to industry-standard programs such as Pro Tools and RTEC/DTEC.  

While you’re digesting the Festival flicks  this year, if you’re left with more than popcorn and plotlines on the brain, a degree/diploma from one of Canada’s prestigious colleges/universities might be the ticket for you.  If films get you feverish for a new career, consider Audio Recording Technology at Digital Sound Design.  You’ll get the skills and knowledge to become a creative professional so you can turn your potential into a position behind the scenes.  Picture that…


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